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July 19th 2021v9.18.0

Release 9.18 on July 19th 2021 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp Incubator Software


Self-delete accounts

To offer more freedom to the users of your community, we have enabled the option to allow each user to delete their own account. As an administrator, go to the General Settings and from there you can activate that option, and each user will be able to delete their own account and information whenever they want, from their User Settings

Assigning Evaluators Modal

We know that when assigning evaluators several factors can intervene such as language, area of ​​expertise, and even the tags and industries that you have used to segment them, in order to allow you to visualize that information at the same time that you are assigning the evaluators we have added a new modal, in there you can decide what information you want to see from your user's profiles. This function is available for the assignment of evaluators later (case by case).



To facilitate the search for information/documentation we have included a search option within AcceleraatorApp where you can type the keywords of the article you are looking for and the system will give you several options with a preview of each article so that you can go exactly to what you are looking for.

Applications Report

We have added key information to the applications report. The average score and the percentage of average score are now part of the exportable information of the applications.


We are very happy to announce that AcceleratorApp is now available in German and Portuguese. We continue to grow in terms of languages ​​so that there is no limitation in the use of new technologies to promote and support entrepreneurship in different countries.


We are very happy to announce that we have made an update to our old Resources section. In order to help you to display, in a more friendly and orderly way, the resources with your community. We have added a new page where you can add sections and within each section you can add resources, it is important to highlight that for each section and each resource you can add one description and limit the visibility by user role, programs and tags. Go and try this new feature and let us know your thoughts!


In the past, information about when a task was to be completed was not displayed. We have made an improvement in the tasks section where from now on each user will be able to see the timeline they have to complete each assigned task.

Startup File

We have made a UX improvement to the Startup File, we have organized the menu in a more friendly and intuitive way. Likewise, we have added a new filter to the startup's activity feed: Data Reporting, in this way you can quickly find all the information related to the update of startup's metrics.

Automated Tour

We know that there are users who find it very easy to adapt to the AcceleratorApp, that is why we have added the option to completely disable the tour so that those who do not need it will be able to deactivate it definitively.


  • Fixes on sending emails to applicants from the application dashboard
  • Fixes on automated tasks that were not including user and startup profile
  • Fixes on Industries typo
  • Fixes on autosaving for applications forms
  • Fixes on Feedback Requests reports
  • Fixes on deleting applications
  • Fixes on events issues because of deleted users
  • Fixes on form submitting
  • Fixes on email template editing
  • Fixes on Task section page
  • Fixes on Coaching Sessions
  • Fixes on custom metrics
  • Fixes on email templates
  • Fixes on events registration
  • Fixes on the form builder (preview)
  • Fixes on Community Search, Startup Tab
  • Fixes on Startups Report
  • Fixes on Reminders Emails
  • Fixes on Feedback Request
  • Fixes on co-founders report
  • Fixes on location field for calendar invitation
  • Fixes on Resources role assignation
  • Fixes on changing General Email Address
  • Fixes on Evaluators Bulk Assignation
  • Fixes on non-displaying “in review” applications
  • Fixes on transactional emails, name, and last name attributes.
  • Fixes on Average Score and Average Score Percentage
  • Fixes on changing the account password
  • Fixes on importing users through Zapier integration
  • Fixes on sub-admins creating leads applications
  • Fixes on sending invitations to cofounders from the company info.
  • Fixes on the evaluation form that were not being displayed on small screens.