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Batch Processing Applications

Take bulk actions on applicants from the Applications Manager Table.

Bulk Actions

Batch processing can be used to select or reject candidates, add tags, and assign evaluators in bulk.


Applications Manager

All Bulk Actions are performed from the overview table when navigating to Applications from the menu. The actions require specific filtering to be applied.


Be Specific

The ability to select or reject candidates allows you to make decisions based on the eligibility of candidates. First, choose a funnel from the dropdown in the top left-hand corner:




Then, you must choose a Single Status, such as APPLICATION SUBMITTED. If you select UNDER REVIEW, you must choose the specific round to bulk select or reject:


specific filters.png


Next, use the checkboxes on the left to select all or some applicants. The available bulk actions will then appear on the top of the table.


bulk actions.png


When scrolling down, 30 additional rows are added at a time. Each time you click the uppermost checkbox to select all rows, you can choose all in the funnel or only all currently visible.


Sorting Applicants

Selecting a funnel allows you to add specific attributes from that funnel, such as answers from the application forms or scores received from evaluators, as columns to the table and sort based on those fields. Once a funnel is selected, click the Columns selector in the right-hand corner.


sorting app.png

You can then choose the specific columns you'd like included in the table. Then, click the category to sort in ascending or descending order.