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Evaluation Forms

Learn how to evaluate applicants

Getting to the Application File

When you are assigned to evaluate candidates, you will be able to access the application file to fill out the evaluation form in two ways:

  1. Rest assured, accessing the application file for each candidate you need to evaluate is a breeze. You'll receive an automated task for each candidate, and with a simple click, you'll be right there in the application file, ready to fill out the evaluation form.

evaluation tasks.png


2. For a comprehensive view of all the applications you need to evaluate, head to your Applications Overview Table. It's conveniently located in the sidebar menu under the Applications item. Here, you can apply different filters to classify the data, with the most useful one located in the upper right. This toggle allows you to see all the applications or, if you turn it on, only the applications that require your evaluation. Once you've applied your filter, click on the application name to access the application file.


app overview filters.png


Filling the Evaluation Form

When you are in the Application File on the left side, you will be able to see a blue button called Start My Evaluation; click on it, and the evaluation form that you must fill out will be displayed, and you can expand the size of the form, collapse it and fill it out. 


evaluating app file.png


Note that you can see the candidate's application form while evaluating by clicking on the Application Form tab.

Once the evaluation is finished, you can evaluate the other candidate by clicking on the Next option at the bottom. The system will take you to the next application according to the filter you have applied in the Application Overview Table.

If you need to modify your evaluation at any time, you can do so by clicking the Modify My Evaluation button.


application file.png