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Adapt the style of AcceleratorApp to your branding.

Learn what is possible in customizing AcceleratorApp for your branding.

Your branding applied

AcceleratorApp offers multiple options to personalize your incubator. You can do some, while others are accomplished by talking to your customer success representative.

Options of customization by yourself

You can customize the style of the emails sent to you and your users. To find out more about that, click here.

Obviously, you can add your logo to your account and customize the side menu in the application. You can select the background color, the color of the link when not selected, the color of the link when selected, and the color of a parent menu item. You can add them and modify them in your General Settings> Branding Settings

Branding Settings.png

Options we will help you to customize

For more complex customization, such as the account access pages (login, account creation, forget password) and the application page, our dedicated customer success team is here to assist. We're eager to help bring your vision to life, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

Should you desire a more personalized touch, you can also customize the URL. This could be a sub URL: or a full white label URL, The full white label URL does incur a small additional fee, but we believe it's a worthwhile investment in your brand's identity.