Sending tasks to your community

Learn how to create and send tasks in your incubator

Getting to your task section

In your account on the left side menu, you click on the Tasks menu item.

Assigning a task

Most often, you will be assigning tasks to other people within your organization. You can do so using multiple types of assignation.

  • By startup name: assigned to the startup and to its founders, first founder to mark it as done, the task is done for the startup.
  • By user name: assigned to the user.
  • By startup tag: assigned to all startup with that tag.
  • By user tag: assigned to all users with that tag.
  • By program: assigned to all startups or users in the program.

See tasks assigned to others

You can see the task assigned to others in multiple ways.

From the task assigned to other tabs in todo page

In your Tasks page, click on the Tasks assigned by me to others tab. From there, you will see all the tasks assigned to others and their statuses. You can also edit the task previously assigned to others.

Tasks Overview.png

From the file of the assigned user/startup

By going to the file of the startup or the user you assigned a task to you, you will be able to see if the task is still pending. If the task is still pending, (not yet completed), it will show in their task block.


Creating a task for yourself

To see how to create a task for yourself, click here.