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Managing host availabilities - Events

Learn how to add availabilities on behalf of the host for Events

Managing host availabilities - Events

Managing availabilities may be important when creating one on one events for hosts who haven’t updated their availabilities or for multiple hosts without overlapping availabilities.

Who can manage the availabilities

Only Admin and Admin&Coach can add availabilities on behalf of the host.

How to add/edit availabilities

When you are creating the one on one event and you want to add/edit availability for the host(s), first you need to select the host(s) and the event's duration. Then, click on the blue add availabilities on behalf of the host button and select the period you want the host(s) to be available. After, click on the blue edit availability button on the right and will show the host's calendar, where you'll be able to edit or add a new availability.

From the calendar, select a free spot (in white), add the duration, location, repetition and save it.

add availability events.png

  • Note: if you have more than one host, select whose calendar you want the event to use from the Calendar host dropdown.

calendar host.png

After you publish the event, users for whom the event is available are notified and they can select their time. When a meeting is booked, the host(s) will be notified.