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Adding New Startups

Add or invite new startups to AcceleratorApp

Creating or Inviting New Startups

You can create new startups for existing founders or send invitation to founders to join with their startup.


Adding a New Startup

First, navigate through Setup > Startups to the startups management page. On the upper right, click the blue Add New Startup.


creating startups.png

A modal will appear with a series of questions:

  • Startup Name - the name of the company
  • Select Program - optionally select the program(s) you want this startup to be in
  • Founders - here you have two options
  • Select existing founders who will take ownership of this startup or, you can invite new founders by clicking the blue Next

Add first and last name, email, then the green Add User. Repeat this process for each founder you want to invite.

Click Next to see a summary and Create to generate the startup object and send invitations to the founders.

Attention: the founder(s) will receive the CoFounder account invitation Email.

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 12.00.30 PM.png