Requesting Availabilities for one on one event

Learn how to request availability from your hosts when creating One on One events.

Who can request

Only Admin and Admin&coach can request host availability

How to request availabilities
When you are creating the one-on-one event and you would like to request availability from the host(s), you will follow the following steps:

  • First, you need to select the host. If you have more than one host, select whose calendar you want the event to use from the Calendar host dropdown.
  • Select the event's duration.
  • In the availabilities session, select if you would like all the hosts or anyone of the hosts to be present in these meetings. Here, regardless of your choice, all hosts will receive a notification to add availability.




After that, click on the option request the host to add availability. From there select:

  • The period you want the host to be available for the event
  • Select yes if you would like to specify how many sessions you are requesting from the host and write the number of sessions. Otherwise, select No.

Then, the system will show all the overlapping coaching availability for one host or all the hosts for the selected dates and also calculate the number of potential bookings.

Once completed, click on the button in the top right corner of the page to send a request to the host.



Then, the system will send a notification with the request and will generate an automated task for the host to add availability that will be marked as complete only when it is done.




When the host clicks on the task, they will be redirected to their calendar to add availabilities.




After request

This event will stay unpublished until the host adds availability. In case the host rejects the request, the system will notify you. If the host adds availability, the event will be published automatically and anyone who can register will receive a notification.