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Availability types you can use in AcceleratorApp

Discover the types of availabilities and when to use them.

Availability Types

AcceleratorApp offers many types of availabilities for you. This will allow you to be able to create meetings at the right time for the right type of users.


Adding availabilities

If you need to know how to add availabilities go check out the article about that here.


Coaching Availabilities

This type of availability will be enable users to book coaching sessions with you. Each time this type of availability is used a coaching session will be created associated with you as the coach and the person booking the meeting as an attendee. This will be used primarily by founders, and community members. However depending on the visibility settings of the event pointing to this availability other types of users might also book a meeting for this session.

This availability type will not be used for applicants booking meeting for their review process.


Application Review Availabilities

This type of availability is only for meeting user in an application process. Depending on the settings of the application process, you might be assigned to review applicants. If that is the case you will need to have availabilities of types application review in order for the applicant to book a meeting with you.


Specific to a One-on-One Session

When you are assigned to host a one on one session with its settings for availability specific for the event itself, you will need to add availabilities for that event itself. If that happens you will get a new types of availability in the create availability modal with the session name.