Group Chat in AcceleratorApp

Group Chat in AcceleratorApp, another way to comunicate direct and efficiently with your community!

Group Chat in AcceleratorApp

Through the chat groups in AcceleratorApp, you can communicate directly and efficiently with your community. This functionality continues to help you centralize your operations in one place.


How can I give my users access to the chat?

First, let's grant access to the people in your community you want to be able to use the chat. Navigate to the Setup menu and click on Chat Management. Once on the page, select the Users tab and click on the green button grant access. To remove access, click on the red button remove access.

To make your life easier, you can filter your community by programs, tags, industry, or user role and give bulk access by selecting the users from the small box on the left side of each user.




How can I create a group chat?

Navigate to the setup menu and click on the Chat Management item. The groups you already created will be displayed. Click on the Add New Group button at the top right corner of the section. From there, follow the instructions of the modal that will open.




Once a group is created, you can edit or star it to meet your needs. If you no longer want to use it, you can archive it.




Is there a limit to the number of groups I can create or the number of users that can access the chat?


The number of groups you can create, and users you can add to the chat will depend on the plan you selected with AcceleratorApp. You can check that limit by going to the Setup menu> Chat Management. From there, click on the Plan Tab to access that information.

If you want to increase these limits, please contact us!




Chat notifications

Each user can decide whether to receive sound notifications of messages received in the chat groups to which they belong. These notifications can be turned on or off from the menu account > settings > preferences.