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Data and Core Metrics

Data and core metrics and how to work with them.

Getting to the Metrics Section

From the sidebar menu click Setup > Metrics and Data Collection. In this section, you will see the metrics created by AcceleratorApp. Also from this page, you can create new metrics and categories of metrics. If you want to know more about how to create custom metrics, click here

Data cores

Core Metrics are used to calculate additional metrics, set for monthly collection, and pre-configured by AcceleratorApp. The Core Metrics are disabled by default, you can always reach out to your customer service representative if you want to enable it. They will be stored in your startup portfolio and in each startup file. The core metrics and data are classified into 5 categories:

  • Cash allocation
  • Customer/User
  • Employees
  • Sales
  • Financing

Note: If you don’t consider the data relevant for your analysis, you can toggle off those metrics.




Core data and business model

To assign metrics to each of your startups, we need to categorize their business model and state. To do so, we ask four yes or no questions when the Startup is created or immediately after it is accepted in an application process. Immediately after categorizing the business model, we proceed to collect the relevant data.

From the data dashboard, in the assignation column, you will find out what data is collected from startups according to their type of business model, based on the following logic and definition:


metrics 2.png


Calculated (smart) metrics

Calculated metrics are KPIs to measure the performance of startups related to cash allocation, customer/user, employees, sales and financing. To find their description click on calculated metrics at the top of the page.

With the information provided in the core metrics by the Startups, we can calculate other metrics that will be useful for you: