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Display data and metrics

Learn how to access the startup data and metrics

Display Data

The data and metrics collected monthly from startups are displayed in the startup file > analytics in a graph on the startup timeline of the companies. From there, you will be able to filter by metric, compare metrics by selecting different metrics for each axis over time (semester, year, etc.) and download it in an excel file.




  • Visibility: They’re visible for the co-founders, the incubator team and the mentor/expert assigned for this startup. If you would like to hide the startup data and metrics from mentors navigate in settings > metrics collection settings and select no to the question to allow mentors to visualize startup metrics, then save it.
  • Exporting metrics: Admin are able to export the metrics by clicking on the icon export metrics on the upper right side of the the Startups Portfolio for the entire portfolio, or for a specific venture in the analytics tab of the Startup File.