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Custom User Roles

Forget about using predefined or standard roles, Custom User Role feature allows administrators to define and assign specific permissions based on the specific requirements of a user or group.

Custom User Roles

You asked, and we listened. Our latest update transforms how you manage user roles, shifting from rigid defaults to customizable options. Customization Like Never Before:

  • Edit Default Roles: Set, edit, and tailor permission keys, and modify access levels as needed on default roles in your team, network members, and end users.
  • Add or Remove Restrictions: Fine-tune existing roles to better suit your team's workflow and operations.


How do I get started?

Start by going to the General Settings section and choosing the User Role Settings category. In this section, you'll encounter all the default Incubator Roles: Admin, Subadmin, Coach, Staff, Mentor, Expert, Co-Founder, Community Member, and Applicant.


Creating a New User Role

You'll also notice a blue button called + Create New Role, enabling you to create a custom user role. Click on that button, and a modal window will open, presenting various options for you to tailor the user role you are about to create.


First, input the name of the role and, if you wish, an optional sort description. Following that, choose the 'Select default role permissions' option. Here, you need to pick an Incubator role/ multiple roles that will serve as a template, defining the permissions you can turn on or off for it. For more details about Incubator roles, click here.


Custom User Roles.png



From this section, you'll see all the permissions you can enable or disable based on the Incubator role(s) template(s) you previously selected. There will be numerous categories, each with permissions associated with those categories.

You'll find each permission's name and a description alongside a toggle switch. If the toggle is blue, it indicates the permission is enabled, while a grey toggle signifies that it is disabled.

TIP: Use the search bar for quick permission finding and collapse categories for an easier search.


Custom User Roles 2.png