Changing Custom fields

Learn what changes in your data with custom fields

Editing Custom fields

Know what happens or changes in your data and in your user experience with custom fields


Removing a field

  • The field will be removed automatically from the profiles and the users don't receive a notification.
  • After deleting a field, the preview data is still stored in the startup and founder reports that can be exported in setup>startups>startup/founder report (in the upper right corner of the page)


Adding a new field

  • When you add a new field, your users and startups will receive a notification to check and/or fill the new field added automatically in their profile.
  • If you have assigned the new fields for some roles or programs, just these specific users will receive an update field notification and will have their profiles changed.
  • The data of the new field is also stored in the startup and founder reports




What happens when the changes are published

Notifications on changes

  • All users and startups assigned in the field are notified when a new field is added to their profile.
  • When a field is required, the users receive 2 notifications: one as a task and another one to see the required information.




Making a question required

  • To make a question required, turn on the button in the field you want to make required.




Users and startups will receive a notification to complete the new required field as a new task generated automatically. When users click on the task, the system redirects them to the profile that needs to update the information. Once they fill the new field and save it, the task will be marked automatically as complete.

Custom fields tasks.png