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Adding new users to your incubator

Learn how to add users to your incubator.

By Invitation

Go to the Setup Menu and select User Management. Then, press the New Users button.

Upon clicking 'New Users,' a user-friendly pop-up will appear. This will allow you to input the first namelast nameand email and select the user role at your discretion.


Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 4.55.28 PM.png

Once you press Send Invite, the invitation email for the type of onboarding will be sent to each user. Depending on your email settings, each user type may get a different email.


By Import

If you want to send an invitation in bulk, you must select the Bulk Import option, and you can upload a CSV document with the name, last name, email, and user role each one will have.

bulk import users.png


You can download a format of that document by clicking on the word download. If you place the mouse on the icon, you will see the keys that you must use for each user role.


templates csv.png