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Data Collection Process

Learn how the system will collect data from startups

Collecting Data

How are they collected?

Data and core metrics are assigned automatically for all startups and they start to be collected on day 0 of a company's history. However, data is collected differently for startups based on their business model. Business model and state are determined by their answers to 4 categorization questions:




After that, core metrics are collected on a monthly basis, with corresponding calculated metrics generated automatically.

Note: It is important to mention that the business model of each startup may change from month to month, which is why we ask these four questions monthly, making sure to take these changes into account for the data collection of the following months.


How are startups and cofounders notified?

At the beginning of the period, an email, a notification and a task are sent to the co-founders of the startup to inform them they need to report on the data. When any co-founder of a startup logs into the application while they have a pending metrics update, the modal screen to update the data is open and the user is able to close it by clicking on the skip button. However, The modal screen data update form shows up every time a session is started until the data has been updated. If the session is ended and the startup opens AcceleratorApp again the same screen will show up and request the information until the data has been updated.


Note: In case of doubt regarding the concept of the data being collected, you can click on the icon i on the right side of each metric where will it inform you about what it is about.




Updating the data from the startup timeline

The startup can access and update the data by clicking on the link update data from the startup timeline. To do this, access my startup and scroll down to the activities dashboard. The link is also available in the reminder update data email that the startups receive at the beginning of the month.


update data.png


Updating the data from tasks

The task related to the data update is shown until the data has been updated. To complete, click on the task, notification or update data link (in startup timeline and email) and then you will be redirected to the form to fill the data. Once it is updated, the task is automatically marked as complete.


data task.png