Design email templates

Learn how to setup the design of the emails sent by AcceleratorApp to your users.

Getting to the email section

From the left navigation menu, go to the Setup menu and click Emails. From the email setting page, you see all the transactional emails sent to you and other users on behalf of your incubator/accelerator from AcceleratorApp. In the top section, you will see the Email Design Templates, below, you will see all emails being sent.

The content and the design are separated to make it easier to reuse the template you create.

When you get your account, you will have one core template. You can customise that one or create new ones.


Customize an existing template.

Each template has three(3) distinct parts that can be customized: the header, the external body, and the action button.



The header is the top part of the email template and can be customized in 2 ways. Click on it to select what you want to do.

  1. You can have a colored background with your logo on it. If you choose this option, you must select a color for the background and which logo you want to use.
  2. You could choose to upload an image. We recommend this option as you can do the most with it. The size of the image should be 700px by 150px.


Button colors

You can customize the button's background and text color. Click on the button to select the HEX code for each color.


External Body-color

The external body color is the color of the email outside of the text zone. Where the text is, it will always be white. However, you can customize the outside part to the color of your choice.

Once you have styled the template to your liking, click on save to apply your changes. If you want to cancel the changes, click on Exit before saving them.


Email Design Template.png


Create a new template.

To create a new template, click on the icon with an email with + in it. With the text saying Add New Template. The window to modify the template will open. Follow the process explained above, and click on save.


create an email template.png


Apply a template to an email.

Once your template is saved, it must be assigned to an email for use. Please go to the email where you want to apply the template by clicking on it. At the top of the window of that email, you will see a select box called an Email template. Simply select the template you want to apply and then save.


Apply design template.png