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Exporting documents

Learn how to export different documents from Accelerator App.

Exporting Data

Depending on your role type, you are able to download many different documents from the Accelerator App.

Application Process Data

Exporting application forms 

Go in the startup file, click on the APPLICATIONS tab and click on the blue button go to application file. Then click on the application form tab and in the Application Form click on the 3 vertical dots and Export PDF file.


Or bulk export the applications in PDF version from the Application Overview



Bulk pdf export.png


Exporting Application information

Navigate to the application dashboard, select your application funnel, turn on from columns the information you want to export, and click on the upper right button export in excel file.


excel sheet app.png


Startup Data

Exporting metrics

  • From startup file: click the ANALYTICS tab and click on the button export metrics on the right side button and export in excel file metrics only for the startup selected.
  • Sartup portfolio: in startup portfolio click on the button export metrics on the right side button and export in excel file the metrics for all startups in your portfolio.



Exporting coaching sessions

  • Startup portfolio: Navigate in the startup portfolio and click on the upper right button export session info in an excel file.
  • Startup file: Navigate to the Startup File and you will be able to export the sessions one by one, just hitting on the 3 dots next to the session, or you can export all the coaching sessions of this startup by clicking on the button export coaching sessions located on the left side just after the tags and industries.




Exporting Startups/Founders Report

Under the setup menu, navigate to the startups section, once there you will be able to apply filters and then click on the buttons Startups Report and Founders Report.




Users Data: Exporting User's information

To export the user's information profile go to the Setup Menu > Users Management > Users and click on the button called Export located on the right upper corner.