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Create and Edit Application and Evaluation Forms

Learn how to build and edit your application forms.

Form Builder

Building your application and evaluation forms in AcceleratorApp - the native form builder allows you to create the different types of forms you need for both your application processing and coaching/mentoring needs.


Form Types

You can build Application Forms and Evaluation Forms

Application Forms are the forms your applicants will fill out to apply to your services after they create their account.

Evaluation Forms can be used in application review or coaching/mentoring.

  • Application Evaluation Forms allow your evaluators to score your applicants using a form that you create at this effect.
  • Scorecard Evaluation Forms allow your coaches and mentors to use a form to score your startups based on predefined criteria. These forms can be associated with Evaluation Criteria, programs, and type of user coaching the startup.


Creating Forms

Navigate through Admin Panel > Forms Settings. Here, you will find all your existing forms. To create a new one, click the blue Create New Form button on the upper right of the screen. Name the form so it’s meaningful to you, then select which form you want to build - Application or Evaluation. If you want to add more languages, select them in the dropdown menu.


Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 5.58.03 PM.png


Building Your Form

Once you get to the form builder, you will see different types of questions on the left and your form canvas on the right. To add questions to your form, Drag and Drop question types from the left and place them in the form on the right.


Options per Question

For each question, you may choose to:

  • Make the question required or not
  • Add a description to the question so that your user will understand your question better
  • Add validation to restrict the answers you are getting from your users (these vary from one type of question to the next)
  • Access and visibility to the question by user role (available only in premium plans)



While in the form builder, your work will automatically save as you change them. If you want to make sure you save it yourself, feel free to click on the Save button.

A saved file will not show up as it did when you last saved it unless you publish the latest version. A form must be published for the rest of the application.

If you want to see what your form will look like once it is used, please click Preview. This will show you what you want the form to look like.


Multilingual Forms

When you have a multilingual form, you can switch the language of the current form from the top right corner of the form. You can translate your form from English into whichever target language you select.


Form Tags

You can create tags in the Taxonomy section, assign them to your forms later, and sort them by the tags. This is a super helpful functionality when you have many forms.


form tags.png


Application Forms

We offer all the question types you need to collect the data you want from your applicants. You can make questions required or not, add descriptions to provide clarity and add validations to set parameters to ensure you get the type of content or data you want.


Evaluation Forms

Evaluation forms offer weighted scales. Choose a relative weight for each criterion being scored. In an application context, these scores can be viewed in aggregate, allowing you to independently sort your applicants based on their average scores and the average score for each criterion.

Single and multiple-choice options can be used to collect votes from your evaluators on whether to accept, reject, or move applicants to different programs.