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Set yourself available for meetings in AcceleratorApp

Get ready to be booked by your startups in AcceleratorApp

Scheduling offering 

Access your Profile and find the Scheduling Offering button. From there, you can set your availability and specify your coaching preferences. 

Scheduling Offering.jpg


Set your availability in a recurring or specific manner so that startups can easily book meetings with you. To learn more about adding availability, click here.

To avoid double bookings, you can integrate your calendar. Click here for more information about it.

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Coaching Preferences 

Users can book meetings from your profile according to your availability. Be sure to specify the duration of each meeting and set a default meeting location, which could be your personal link for any video conferencing platform you use such as Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams

coaching preferences.png

Upon being booked

Every time someone books a meeting with you, you will receive an email and an in-app notification to let you know. If you have the calendar integration done, you will also see a new meeting in your calendar being added automatically. To know more about the calendar integration click here.

Additionally, if you access to the user profile, you can review all upcoming meetings with that user and check the details of each meeting from there.

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Events > one on one

An admin of your incubator/accelerator might also create a one on one event for your community with you. If they do, they will have the option of adding availabilities on your behalf or sending you a request to add your preferred availabilities yourself.

Once you do, the event will auto-published to the community, and startups will be able to book meetings with you.